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1. iBuyHomes
iBuyHomes is a professional cash home buyer that will actually purchase your house directly from you on a date of your choice and at a great price. They will buy your home in its current “as is” condition and never require you to make any repairs. There are never any fees or real estate commissions, and they will even pay for all of the closing costs. With iBuyHomes, you still get the professionalism and security that you would find with the traditional way of selling a house through a local real estate agent, but with a professional cash house buyer like iBuyHomes, you can also get the benefits of speed, convenience, and certainty.
iBuyHomes has simplified the process, making it the fastest, easiest and highest paying cash home buyer in the market today.
911 Rugby St
Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: (866) 989-1746
2. We Buy Ugly Houses
With more than 20 years of experience, this company guarantees customers both speed and efficiency when it comes to selling their property. To date, over 75,000 people have discovered why We Buy Ugly Houses is the fastest and easiest way to get the cash they need for their house. The company purchases houses “as is,” and have served thousands of satisfied customers. According to a recent customer, “I had renters for years, then they left. The house was in shambles and We Buy Ugly Houses came in and took it off my hands for a fair price – no questions asked.”
We Buy Ugly Houses
(866) 200-6475
3. Networth Realty
With over 30 years of combined experience, Networth Realty has an extensive amount of knowledge of the market, endless contacts in the industry and provides exceptional opportunities for both home buyers and sellers. The company takes pride in conducting business in a professional, friendly and honest manner at every turn. Ran by Mark Bloom, this company not only provides cash for houses, but also provides full wholesale real estate services to customers.
Networth Realty
(888) 998-9688
4. New Western Acquisitions
This company is a real estate brokerage firm that was founded in August of 2008. The goal of the company was to acquire and then resell distressed residential property. Today, the company operates across the country, serving thousands of customers each year. Helping individuals in trouble with their property is only one facet of what the company does. Each staff members is dedicated to providing superior levels of service and satisfaction.
New Western Acquisitions
4600 Fuller Dr, Suite 200B
Irving, TX 75038
(888) 610-8303

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5. House Heroes
House Heroes is a South Florida based real estate investment firm. The goal of the company is to help rescue homeowners who are suffering from housing problems. The company is willing to purchase any house, regardless of condition. According to a house buyer using these services, “The staff at House Heroes was helpful and very knowledgeable about the services they offer. They are great members of the real estate community.”
House Heroes
16850-112 Collins Ave, #560
Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
(954) 676-1846

6. Need to Sell My House
The staff at Need to Sell My House are not real estate agents; however, they have access to more tools and resources than the typical real estate broker or agent. The company does not rely on financing restrictions set by regulators and banks and instead use private cash to help homeowners get out of their financial trouble. Today, the company operates across the country, providing those in need of housing help the solutions they are searching for.
Need to Sell My House
7002 Marshall Pass
San Antonia, Texas
(210) 390-0750

7. Expert Home Offers
Originally founded in 2007, Expert Home Offers was created with the mission to connect more home buyers and sellers to one another. According to a customer who recently used these services, “I was extremely pleased with the leads the company was able to provide. The company is easy to work with and extremely professional.” Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Expert Home Offers provides exceptional results for customers throughout the nation.
Expert Home Offers
7154 W State St
Boise, Idaho
(844) 733-9737

8. Quick Home Offers
Quick Home Offers is considered one of the California area’s most reputable and reliable real estate and house buying services, led by Josh Justiniano. The professional and experienced team is dedicated to ensuring customers are satisfied with the results they achieve. The company purchases multifamily properties, land and houses throughout California and the people that customers speak with is actually who will be purchasing their property.
Quick Home Offers
100 Rancho Road, Ste. 7-233
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
(805) 870-5749
9. Highest Cash Offer
Highest Cash Offer is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a real estate solutions company. Regardless of if a person is facing a foreclosure, are unable to sell their property, or just want to sell something quickly, this company can provide assistance. There are several solutions offered by Highest Cash Offer, allowing homeowners to take charge of the situation and get what they want/need out of the property they are selling.
Highest Cash Offer
4002 N Miller Rd Suite 200
Scottsdale, Arizona
(888) 387-5750
10. Property Force
Property Force is considered a leader in the industry, having offered house buying services for more than 10 years. According to one customer, “Property Force takes care of all the leg work when it comes to finding undervalued and off-market properties, making my job much easier.”
Dedicated to helping match customers with the properties they want to purchase, this company has customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list.
Property Force
800 Silks Run, #2330
Hallandale Beach, Florida
(866) 563-9713 
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