Spanish La Liga 2019-2020 TV Channels Broadcasting Worldwide

Spanish La Liga 2019-2020
TV Channels
Broadcasting Worldwide
Spain Telefonica (Moviestar +
will show best rated
 game every week),
GOL TV (2nd rated
league game every
 beIN La Liga (8 games
 per week)
USA beIN Sports (signed a
 new deal)
Canada  beINSports (Majority of
 the games live every
, DAZN (some live games
 plus highlights)
Caribbean Sports Max and ESPN
South America ESPN Latin America
 (selected matches live
every week), DirectTV
(every match available
Middle-East countries  beINSports (Both in
Englisha nd Arabic)
United Kingdom  Eleven Sports (sign new
 three year deal worth
£18million a season and
 yet to decide how they
will show matches. Via
online subscription or
 setup on TV channel
in the UK)
Ireland Eleven Sports
Australia beIN Sports Australia
New Zealand & Pacific Countries beIN Sports
Brazil   ESPN Brazil (selected
 matches) FoxSports
 (Exclusive rights with
 Portuguese coverage)
Mexico  Direct TV & ESPN Latin
Puerto Rico beIN Sports
Middle-east & North Africa beIN Sports (exclusive
 rights all over middle-
eastern countries plus
several north african
South Africa & Sub-Sahara Africa  Super Sport (exclusive
 rights in South Africa
 in english coverage),
Canal+ (french coverage
 in some african countries)
Brunei & Malaysiya, Indonesia beIN Sports (exclusive
 rights in Brunei, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Combodia,
 Laos and Thailand)
Singapore & Philippines beIN Sports (exclusive
 rights in the region),
ABC-CBN also share
 LA Liga rights in
Chine & Macau PPTV (exclusive rights
 in China and Chinese
India & Sub-Continent countries Son Six & Son Kix
 (Exclusive rights in
 India, Pakistan
 Bangladesh and other
adjacent countries)
Geo Super (Pakistan),
 Channel9 (Bangladesh),
Lemar TV (Afghanistan)
Scandaniva Viasat Sport (Exclusive
rights in Denmark,
Finland, Sweden & Norway)
Thailand beIN Sports
Philippines beIN Sports
Singapore beIN Sports
Vietnam K+
South Korea SPOTV
Macau PPTV
Germany DAZN (mobile & online
France  beINSports (exclusive
rights of La Liga in
France with french
Italy  FoxSports Italia
 (Exclusive rights)
Austria DAZN (mobile & online
streams in German
Belgium Eleven Sports (selected
matches), TeleNet
Czech Republic DigiTV
Portugal  SportTV (Exclusive rights)
Russian NTV Plus (exclusive rights)
Ukraine Football1
Turkey beIN Sports
Poland Eleven Sports
Romania & Slovakia DigiSport (exclusive
rights in Romania
and Slovakia)
Eastern European Countries Sport Klub (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
Macedonia, Montenegro,
 Serbia and Slovania)
Switzerland DAZN (online streams
 subsciption based
in German or French
Netherlands ZiggoSports
South Korea KBS N Sports & SkySports
Ex-Soviet Countries Setanta Sports (exclusive
rights in countries like
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,
Turkmenistan, Tajikistan)
Indonesia Orange TV
Chine & Taiwan PPTV (exclusive rights
 in Chine and Taiwan).
Guangdong Sports
(selected matches in
 some Chinese states)
Some Eastern European NTV Plus (exclusive
Some Baltic Countries Setanta Sports (exclusiv
rights in Armenia, Belarus,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Israel One (Exclusive rights
in the region in Hebrew

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